Quality Policy

Quality is an obsession at Global Bimetal. At every step in the manufacturing process ‐ begining with the procurement of materials for Engine Bearings & Bushes ‐ Quality is a corporate mantra.

  • Always tends to be on the leading edge of technology through Research and Development.
  • To meet the customer expectations of current / future needs.
  • Always try to create a healthy work culture for our human resources.
  • Timely despatch.
  • To achieve higher goals of excellence by establishing objectives and targets at relevant and appropriate intervals and monitor their effectiveness periodically.
  • Always try to hold the price line.

We at Global Bimetal, are commited to manfuacture and supply automotive engine bearings and bushes of highest quality at effectively optimal prices through continuous engineering research and development process.

The QMS processes adhered to in the production facilities are as follows:

Alloy Powder Plant

  • Chemical composition
  • Flow rate
  • Particle shape
  • Size distribution
  • Oxide content

Copper Alloy Sintering Lines

  • Checks for powder spread
  • Furnace temperature
  • Gas conditions
  • Line speed
  • Chiesel track & fracture test for bond strength and porosity
  • Hardness of steel and alloy
  • Strip thickness and width

Bearing & Bushing Plants

  • Wall thickness
  • Crush height
  • Free spread
  • Proper location, alignment and depth of oil holes, grooves and notch
  • Blue contact
  • Visual inspection